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Microneedling is the go-to anti-aging treatment for those who are looking to improve the youthfulness in their skin.
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Microneedling is the go-to anti-aging treatment for those who are looking to improve the youthfulness in their skin. It is highly effective in reducing acne scars, minimizing fine lines, improve skin texture, and increase collagen production. Microneedling also helps smooth the skin, reduce large pores, improve scars, and reduce hyperpigmentation and sun damage. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) your own blood, is added to your micro-needling treatment to enhance your results and expediate the healing process. SkinPen is the micro-needling device of choice because of its highly engineered system. It is the first FDA-approved device and has been clinically tested and proven to improve skin texture.

$700 per treatment / 60 mins

The SkinPen micro-needling device creates controlled micro-channel injuries to the dermis, triggering the immune system to increased blood flow, remove debris, and create new tissue. The “micro-wounds” rebuild new collagen proteins. The “micro-wounds” are then replaced with new tissue, collagen proteins, elastin proteins, and blood vessels, resulting in more radiant, smooth and younger looking skin.

  • Improved skin texture
  • Smoother skin
  • Reduced acne scars
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve pigmentation
  • Increase skin elasticity

Micro-needling is typically treated on the face, neck, and décolletage. It may also help in areas that have stretch marks. PRP is used as an added benefit to expediate and enhance results.

After the first treatment, you will see an improvement in your skin in a few weeks. After completing the recommended series of treatments, results continue to improve 6 months after the last treatment.

Most individuals say that micro-needling tickles because the SkinPen device vibrates to distract you. Topical numbing cream will also be applied for 20 minutes to help ease any discomfort.

The most common side effects are minor bleeding from the micro-channels (a good sign), redness, warmness, mild sunburn and itching. These symptoms are temporary and usually resolve within 72 hours.

The actual treatment takes about 30 minutes.

During your consultation, I will discuss your areas of concerns, current aesthetic goals and help you create a personalized treatment plan so you always look your best.

YAY congratulations on your little one! However, it is not recommended to get any micro-needling with PRP treatments while pregnant, breastfeeding or nursing.

Schedule a consultation and I’ll help create a treatment plan to reach your beauty goals!

Microneedling w/ PRP
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“Vivi is the only one I trust with my face. Her expertise and technique is out of this world! A few months back, she helped me get wedding ready with Botox and fillers. The results were amazing! I was so happy on my big day on how beautiful and natural I looked walking down the aisle”

“Her knowledge and passion for the beauty and pro-aging community is very evident upon meeting her. She is patient and takes her time to explains all the procedures and after-care to make you feel totally at ease.”

“Vivi's time, detail, and perfectionism with my injections were most appreciated! It is important to find someone who is committed to you, your wants/needs, and making sure you always look your best! Feeling young & alive again!”

“She truly is an artist and has such an incredible aesthetic eye for building back youth!”

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