Things to Consider Before a Radiesse Treatment

Things to Consider Before a Radiesse Treatment

Things to Consider Before a Radiesse Treatment


Are you considering a Radiesse treatment? Conveniently and commonly known as a "liquid facelift," Radiesse is a dermal filler treatment that smooths out facial lines, reduces wrinkles, and enhances facial features with little to no downtime. However, before jumping straight into a Radiesse treatment, it is essential to understand a few things. In this article, we'll be discussing some of the crucial things that you need to consider before undergoing a Radiesse treatment.


1. Find the Right Provider

The first and most crucial thing to consider before a Radiesse treatment is finding a professional and licensed provider to conduct the procedure. As the majority of dermal filler treatments are not regulated by the FDA, it is crucial to ensure that your provider has the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience needed to provide safe and effective treatment. Always take your time to read reviews, check credentials, and seek referrals before settling on a provider.

2. Know Your Allergies

Before undergoing any dermal filler treatment, it's crucial to let your provider know of any allergies you have. As Radiesse consists of mineral-like substances, it's essential to disclose any concerns or experiences you've had with similar products or substances. This information helps your provider tailor the treatment to suit your needs and eliminate any potential adverse side effects.

3. Don't Panic Over Bruising

While every person reacts differently, it's normal to experience some swelling, redness, or bruising after a Radiesse treatment. This is particularly expected with any injections done on the face. However, these side effects are only temporary and should disappear within a few days or with ice application. Before your treatment, make sure to discuss any potential side effects with your provider, including how to alleviate them.

4. Be Realistic About the Results

One thing that you need to understand before a Radiesse treatment is that while it provides visible results, they are temporary. Depending on your body's metabolism, the Radiesse product may break down earlier than anticipated, leading to reduced results in a few months. Additionally, the amount of the product used, the expertise of the provider, and the number of areas treated will impact the results. Therefore, it's crucial to have realistic expectations and understand that Radiesse treatments will require upkeep with follow-up treatments to maintain the effects.

5. Plan Your Schedule Accordingly

Last on our list of things to consider before a Radiesse treatment is planning your schedule accordingly. While Radiesse treatments are less invasive compared to surgical procedures, they still require some downtime. Depending on the amount treated, you may experience some discomfort that requires rest or avoidance of physical activities. Ensure that you plan your schedule to accommodate the recommended downtime and avoid any strenuous physical activity for the next few days after your treatment.



At Vamped Aesthetics & Design, our experienced and licensed professionals are trained to provide you with the best Radiesse treatment in Orlando, FL, to achieve your desired look. Before undergoing any treatment, it's crucial to understand what to expect, manage your expectations, and find a licensed and skilled provider. Additionally, always disclose any allergies or concerns you may have to ensure that your treatment goes smoothly without any adverse side effects. With these tips in mind, you can achieve your desired youthful look with Radiesse dermal filler treatments. If you'd like to try radiesse in Orlando, FL, contact Vamped Aesthetics & Design today to book an appointment.

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