Are You A Good Candidate For PDO Thread Lift?

Are You A Good Candidate For PDO Thread Lift?

Are You A Good Candidate For PDO Thread Lift?


As we age, our skin loses its elasticity, and we begin to see sagging and drooping in our face, particularly around the cheeks, jowls, and brow area. There are various solutions to achieve tight and lifted skin, including surgery, non-invasive treatments, and injectables. Now, a new solution called PDO Thread lift is gaining popularity among those who prefer non-surgical skin rejuvenation. PDO (Polydioxanone) Thread Lift is a non-surgical facelift technique designed to lift and tighten loose, sagging skin with the use of threads. However, this treatment isn't right for everyone. So, are you a good candidate for PDO Thread Lift? In this blog, we'll discuss the criteria for PDO Thread Lift and how to know if you're a good fit.


Good Skin Health

PDO Thread Lift is a non-surgical procedure, and as such, it requires an initial consultation with a qualified professional to determine your overall skin health and determine if it is the right fit for you. The PDO threads are inserted into the skin, and if your skin is damaged, injured, or inflamed, they may not have the desired effect or pose a risk of infection. Additionally, if you have skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, or open sores, you may not be an ideal candidate for PDO Thread Lifts.

Ideal Age Range

PDO thread lift is an excellent option for individuals who are noticing the early signs of aging, such as drooping skin and fine lines. PDO thread lift typically works best on individuals within the age range of 30-60 years. It's essential to remember that PDO thread lift is not a cure for aging but rather a solution to extend the youthful appearance of a person's skin.

Skin Thickness

PDO threads work best on those who have thinner skin, as the threads are less adaptable to thick skin. The thickness of one's skin can affect the effectiveness of the threads; this means that those with thin skin will have longer-lasting results. Therefore skin thickness is a significant factor to be considered when deciding who's an ideal candidate for PDO Thread Lift.

Realistic Expectations

PDO thread lift can provide significant results but it's important to remember that it is a minimally invasive procedure with minimal risks and complications with a shorter time for the treatment itself. That being said, some people may not experience dramatic changes and are advised to maintain realistic expectations. PDO thread lift provides a natural-looking result and may require additional treatments to preserve results or course of maintenance.

Consultation with a Qualified Professional

The most crucial factor when determining PDO thread lift candidacy is seeking a professional opinion from a certified and experienced professional in the field. They will examine and evaluate the skin and discuss the clients' goals while looking at their facial anatomy. This discussion will help to determine if PDO thread lift is a good option, the type of thread that will be used, the unideal areas to avoid, and the expected outcome.



In conclusion, PDO Thread Lift is a minimally invasive treatment that offers impressive skin rejuvenation results to a broad range of patients. However, not everyone is an ideal candidate for PDO thread lift. Good overall skin health, ideal age range, and skin thickness, realistic expectations, and proper consultation with a certified and experienced professional are all crucial factors that determine whether PDO thread lift is a good fit for you. Our Vamped Aesthetics & Design Windermere PDO thread lift specialists are here to help you determine if the treatment is right for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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